Why I Teach People with Water Phobia

Why I teach people with water phobia is because ASA does not explain to people from the age of 5 -70 what effect the water has towards the human body they just give them a float and shout kick, kick, kick?

Why I teach people with water phobia, one of my pupils’ explained to me that when her child went on to competitive swimming the coach spent 3 months undoing what ASA had taught.
I would appreciate your comments about the 1 hour or 3/4 of an hour you have signed up for every week (and you paid for the whole course up front)
Did your coach spend time with you on a 1-1 basis helping you to learn how the water works with YOUR body.
Did they explain that the human body is not compatible to the water and that YOU are the cause and the water reacts to you??
Did they explain that every time you do the same thing in the water you GET THE SAME REACTION???
I can honestly say ‘of course they didn’t’ simply because they are not taught that way. How do I know that?

why I teach people with water phobia

Irene in private pool

Why I teach people with water phobia. I took one of ASA courses. There was 6 of us in a room (I was the oldest and was already teaching people on my friends insurance. She said I think you should get your own insurance, hence my experience with ASA)
Not once did the instructor ask if anyone could swim (I could)
We went on to teach children and I could see that at least 3 children could not put their face in the water.
Later I asked if I could have a word with the parent as to why their child felt that way. This question was not favourably received but they did allow me to do so.
Unfortunately the parent did not give me any information to help their child. I felt that time was needed.
I knew then I was doing the right thing and I did not have to ask myself why do I teach people with water phobia on a 1-1 basis in my private pool.

If you (as the reader) could understand the experiences that I have heard over the last 14 years you would be devastated to know that adults have carried the fear of water in their minds for years. It makes me cry for all of them!
As children they were made to jump in the deep end during swimming lessons simply because they felt out of control in the shallow end because of THEIR MIND SET. THEY WERE BORN WITH IT! THEY NEEDED TO BE IN CONTROL OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS!

So when in the water they just could not understand why the water kept moving, they wanted to stop it! Remember, they were children from 7 – 9 years old! Not adults!
The teacher had a different mind set (I do not fail)
“Everyone walk down to the deep end” (on dry side) the teacher BARKS.
Who says no! (I have to smile here one person did……hooray!!!)
So the young child is obeying the teacher and because they don’t want to look stupid in front of their peers they walk with everybody on dry side down to the deepest part of the water.

Think how tall the child is at the age of 7 – 9 not very tall and so vulnerable!
“JUMP IN” shouts the teacher and the vulnerable child hesitates “Come on now JUMP IN”
I can assure you that on the whole the reluctant child is pushed in by the teacher.
What happens next? The child experiences a life or death feeling, they can’t breathe and feel that they are trapped. This is why  I teach people with water phobia this treatment compounds the phobia, which lasts for years!

Why I teach people with water phobia My aim is to help people who have lived with that experience by turning their fear into logic.

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About Irene Bouette

I have my own private swimming pool, teach on a 1-1 basis and also provide residential accommodation for anyone that needs the peace and quiet after their time in the water. I used to be phobic of the water, now I help others to conquer their fear by using step by step logical reasoning to help people to understand the water. I have taught over a 1,000 people by my methods that I have adapted to meet peoples needs. One cap does not fit all people!
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