Water Phobia millions of people suffer from it

Water Phobia millions of people suffer from it.

YouTube Video How Phobia http://swim-easy.co.uk/video-2-fear-of-the-water/

These 2 videos about water phobia millions of people suffer from it explains the catastrophic events that lead to a life time of feeling stupid and ashamed. Also fact that he/she cannot feel in control of the water. It is something that alludes them and is not understood by people to have spent a considerable amount of time in the water.

My teaching is  very unique and I do not stand on the side out of the water
and give you a float and shout kick, kick, kick.
I explain with both of us in my own private pool. Science that is
absolutely necessary to know before you can think about swimming and for
that reason I am only teaching in one area.
People whole suffer anxiety about letting the water control. I explain and
demonstrate in a logical way how they can actually let go of their fears and
trust the water.

In my experience I find that taking lessons for an hour (or 3/4 of an hour)
every week together with a group of people. The instructor standing on
the side of the swimming pool does not always give a person who cannot swim
the ability to learn efficiently.
What is needed to understand how the water works is to spend more time in the water. Sometimes that is not possible because of
work, etc.

Learning to swim in my private swimming pool on a 1-1 basis really helps a person to get rid of their phobia of water.

When I talk about water phobia millions of people suffer from it. In many instances is starts from early childhood where swimming lessons are given by the local school in the nearest Leisure Centre. The teaching may have changed now.

50/20 years ago some swimming teachers had little understanding of why a child could not face being in the water. Strong methods were sometimes used to force a child into the water and that his how the phobia of the water starts. This caused the child to have a phobia of the water which would last into adulthood.

I too had a water phobia and millions of people suffer from it and now I teach adult swimming lessons in my private swimming pool on a 1-1 basis.

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