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Water Phobia -My Journey and Success in conquering my deep fear of the water – this could be You Too!

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water-phobia my journey to conquering my fears

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I suffered from water phobia which meant I had to work hard at my swimming lessons to conquer my phobia. I had this fear of water all my life owing to childhood incidents.

I was placed in a children’s home in Surrey at the age of 6 months. This sort of punishment of pushing me backwards into the water and holding me down until I blacked out was used across the board in some children’s homes. This terrifying experience is similar to ‘water boarding’. Because of what had been forced upon me in my formative years led to a huge phobia of the water. The whole thing was too big to cope with, so my mind blocked it out, the result? I had no understanding as to why I had a phobia of the water.

I can’t even remember having my hair washed as a child. I reasoned (after understanding why I was terrified of the water) that the whole thing of water over my head was so unpleasant and terrifying! I had pushed that extreme punishment to the back of my mind. This is why I can really understand how and why adults feel so afraid of the water and can’t understand why they feel that way!
In 2001 I decided enough was enough and decided to take ‘the plunge’ and sign up for swimming lessons at the local pool.
During my adult swimming lessons, over a period of 6 months, I developed a friendship with my ASA swimming teacher. Somehow managed to ‘float’ with my head in the water but not able to understand how this was happening. Apart from that I had no understanding how the water worked with the body.

At this juncture I want you to understand that I went into the local swimming pool 5 times a week Mon-Fri for an hour every day. To this day I cannot tell you what I did in the water simply because I had no idea what I was doing! The most important thing was the fact that  I was experiencing the water even though I did not know what to do in it!

During my time in the swimming pool I met Gay SwimWithUs
who also had suffered with a phobia of the water, I did not know this at that time. She had completed her teaching certificate the year before and now was going through a specialised program of swimming that concentrated on balance in the water. I was not interested in that when I meet her.

She was instrumental in my understanding by lending me a video she bought from totalimmersion I was captivated by what I saw. I watched that video every evening took what I had learnt with me in my head the next day to the swimming pool. As a result of finding a logical response from the water, I was able to make myself a swimmer.

water phobia my journey to conquering my fears

private swimming pool

This I achieved after hours and hours over many weeks (3 months in all) in my local pool, failing and winning, feeling a wimp and then feeling the best thing since sliced bread when I completed a length!

I also then went on to take the specialised course of adult swimming lessons by attending a workshop run by totalimmersion and subsequently perfected my technique.
When I decided to specialise in adult swimming lessons, I realised there are thousands of people in the United Kingdom that suffer from a water phobia and as a result I really want to help others with their water phobia on a 1-1 basis in a private swimming pool and so I went into the direction of teaching swimming lessons.

As a result of finding a logical response from the water, I was able to make myself a swimmer. I want to share my experience with people and help them overcome their fears of the water and have had the privilege of doing so, teaching over a thousand people from all over the UK, Europe, the States and even China

water phobia

learning the right way took me 3 months to swim

I know some people who are reading this will understand when I say ‘ I took a calculated risk’ at the age of 62, I moved from a ‘secure’ house with no mortgage obtained the necessary finance, obviously a mortgage and bought my pool from the States (things are different now, meaning that I could buy my pool from the UK) and all the while I thought I just could not let my dream go!

I just knew that I would be able to help people like myself to find that elixir, the change from dread to sublime.
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