Swimming Impossible for You? Do You use a Float?

Swimming impossible for you? Do You use a float?

Have you ever thought you can’t swim?

Do you understand how to balance in the water?

You want to learn to swim but is swimming impossible for you?  Do you use a float? Everyone can swim, that’s what ‘they’ say! Learning to swim depends on the teaching methods and what  you understand about being in the water.

The popular teaching of adult swimming lessons is to be given a float to hold in front and the person is encouraged to lie on the water holding the float with their head out of the water, this is why swimming is impossible for you simply because the float holds the front part of you up and with your head out of the water you legs go down.

When this happens you kick against the real density of the water. In a previous article I explained that the water weight per cubic metre 1 TON! So if your legs are very low in the water you can certainly feel the weight when kicking (especially men).

Swimming lessons using floats is not the best way to learn. What happens when the float is taken away? The person then leans on the water exactly the same way as they lean on a float. When the float is taken away the hands and arms go down in the water because that is what the person is used to doing when leaning on the float causing the person to panic and then the fear of water comes back!

Although learning how to swim with a float is not the ideal way of learning but when you are being taught in a class of say, 10 people you really do need a float so that when you get into trouble and your teacher is talking to someone else and cannot see you need help, you have got something to hold onto.

So technique is needed! When you use a float you need to stretch forward from your shoulders to keep the buoyancy from your body going. So of the float slips from your hands because you are stretching forward, instead of leaning on the float, you will find that your hands will not drop.

How can a person understand how to get their ‘balance’ in the water by using a float, this float hold you up! What the beginner doesn’t know is that they have their own floats, their lungs!

Adult swimming lessons are successful when a person realises this and understands the ‘seesaw’ effect. High head, low legs.

What do I mean about that?

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About Irene Bouette

I have my own private swimming pool, teach on a 1-1 basis and also provide residential accommodation for anyone that needs the peace and quiet after their time in the water. I used to be phobic of the water, now I help others to conquer their fear by using step by step logical reasoning to help people to understand the water. I have taught over a 1,000 people by my methods that I have adapted to meet peoples needs. One cap does not fit all people!
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