Swimming Holiday in Australia

Swimming Holiday in Australia. After spending time with Irene helping Karen to get rid of her phobia of the water, this is what she had to say.

From Karen Sumner re: her swimming holiday in Australia after swimming lessons with Irene:

Hi Irene

swimming holiday in Australia

Karen and Russell

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I have finally got around to organising myself and sending you the photos of us snorkelling and diving in Oz. We had a fantastic time and I don’t think I could of managed to do the amazing things we did without your help. So we decide to take a swimming holiday in Australia.

Swimming with Dolphins was fantastic and I wouldn’t have even been able to put my face in the water without your help. Looking back now and thinking about it I don’t believe how I actually managed it!. We had wet suits on and belts and we had to keep hold on to the person in front of us, the person at the front held on to the trip leader and as soon as he was in the water, we were too.

I didn’t have time to think about the fact that I was in the middle of the ocean with nothing to hold onto apart from the person in front! The dolphins just swam around us, besides us and under us and we could almost touch them (not allowed to) and you could hear them talking – it was totally amazing! I’m so glad I did it! I’m glad I went for a swimming holiday in Australia. Something I thought I would NEVER do!

swimming holiday in australia

swimming in Australia

The barrier reef was another scary encounter for me! The guys on the boat really looked after me and here the worst bit was actually getting into the water – I couldn’t make myself just jump off the back of the boat into the water! They gave me a long tube shaped float which you tucked under your arms that gave me a bit of confidence and after the first place we stopped at I got used to it and then I was happy-ish moving around much more at the next 2 sites we stopped at! The coral was the most amazing colours and the fish absolutely wonderful, we even saw a white tipped baby shark swimming below us!

swimming holiday in australia

Russell and Karen

Adult Swimming Lessons – Holiday Karen

I have sent you a few photos, one of me and a friend I made on the boat who was just as scared as I was, so we stuck together! One of Me and Russell (my fiancé) and one me us when we climbed Sydney Harbour bridge! Australia was the most amazing place, and we are hoping to go back in December this year as Russell wants to watch the Cricket and I don’t need an excuse to go and be in the sunshine again with our friends!

I have promised myself to go swimming at the gym when I go, at least one a week so I keep it up.

Many thanks for all your patience and help during the lessons as our trip to Australia wouldn’t have been so good if I had not overcome some of my fear of the water

Thanks again Karen, my swimming holiday in Australia

About Irene Bouette

I have my own private swimming pool, teach on a 1-1 basis and also provide residential accommodation for anyone that needs the peace and quiet after their time in the water. I used to be phobic of the water, now I help others to conquer their fear by using step by step logical reasoning to help people to understand the water. I have taught over a 1,000 people by my methods that I have adapted to meet peoples needs. One cap does not fit all people!
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