Residential 1-1 Intensive Swimming Lessons

Residential 1-1 Intensive Swimming Lessons for people all over the UK in the house next door which provides you with the peace and quiet you need after your swimming lessons.

residential 1-1 swimming lessons

private swimming pool


residential 1-1 swimming lessons

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Residential 1-1 Intensive Swimming Lessons. You will be staying in the house next door Irene’s private swimming pool.

Use the calendar to find your preferred date.

35 Church Street is where you will be staying and is available for all people over the UK. I have taught people coming as far as USA, China and Oil Rigs that are dotted about world.

The house is not occupied by anyone else and is right next door to the pool area. This gives you the ability to close the door and rest in peace and quiet during your break of 1 1/2 hours.

The Rising Sun is just a few minutes walk away and although the décor is not the height of fashion the staff and owners are very pleasant.

The cost of your stay in the house will be £40 per night

Facilities include

Central Heating

Bathroom shower/small bath and toilet.

1 double bedroom with necessary furniture plus clean bedding.

Lounge, tv/dvd/freeview, comfortable settee

Kitchen micro-wave, kettle, toaster, fridge plus necessary cutlery, plates etc.

4 minutes walk from Irene’s  private swimming pool are these facilities:

Tesco Express, Indian Take Away, Chinese Take Away, 2 Fish n Chip shops and a very pretty park where you can relax in the sunshine.


The 9 hour adult intensive swimming lessons over 2 days consists of a morning session 9.00 – 11.15  –  1 1/2 break and we will resume again at 12.45 and finish at 15.00.

Total hours tuition 9 hours

If you want to venture into the deep end you will need more than 9 hours tuition to achieve this.   intensive swimming lessons prices