Private 1-1 Swimming Pool

Private 1-1 swimming pool the instructor is in the water with you at all times

Private 1-1 swimming pool

Private 1-1 swimming pool owned by Irene is in Derbyshire (Swadlincote).  Call  Irene on 0800 689 0371 or 07877605292 for further information. I am in the pool with you at all times. I can video your progress using your phone You can show others your achievements.

You may video my visible instructions take with you.

I offer private intensive swimming lessons for adults in my private swimming pool  also residential swimming lessons on a 1-1 basis with no other lessons taking place at the same time. This  will give you confidence to enjoy your adult swimming lessons in peace and quiet.

Learning how to swim in an atmosphere that is conducive to  overcoming any fears or water phobia you may have.

There is no conveyor belt attitude of someone else waiting to get into the private 1-1 swimming pool

 The time is geared to your needs for intensive swimming lessons over the one – five days you are with me in my private pool.

The only time that 2 people are involved in taking lessons is if they know each other as friends, or are related. When this happens each person is taught on a one to one basis.

Why I have a Private 1-1 Swimming pool

When a person needs  special teaching owing to their anxieties or water phobia, they want to feel in control.

My private 1-1 swimming pool is just the right size for the control they need. As I am in the water as well gives a person extra security it also helps them to concentrate. The quietness of the 1-1 private adult swimming lessons is a huge benefit.

I use un-stabilised chlorine, which is not as strong as the chlorine used in a leisure centre.  In fact many of my students have expressed that they cannot smell the chlorine.

On the other hand because I have an ‘endless pool’ I regularly teach Triathletes to perfect their stroke.

The triathlete needs to understand the special swimming techniques to give them a strong swim without the using too much energy.

private-1-1-swimming pool the instructor is in the water with you at all times

Private 1-1 swimming pool

I am now able to demonstrate and give step by step explanation to my students. They learn to swim more effectively than I had originally been taught by ASA.

How was I able to do this?

I was a  non swimmer until the age of 58, and battled with my own phobia.  I needed logic to understand how to get control of the water and because of life or death feeling for most of the time when I first starting to swim.

Using the Total Immersion Method at first I was able to understand about the balance, stretch and how to ‘hold on to the water’.  I now am able to give a person the same understanding I had gained plus my own experiences of the water.  

Using my private pool my pupils are given every opportunity to have controlled conditions. They learn to change their phobia into logic.

private-1-1-swimming-pool the instructor is in the water with you at all times

Private 1-1 swimming pool