Afraid of Learning to Swim aqua-phobia

Do you suffer from aqua-phobia? Are you afraid of learning to swim? Does the thought of stretching out on the water terrify you?

Every one who has an anxiety of being in the water feels that if they ‘let go’ the water will cause them to, more or less, nose dive straight down to the floor of the pool. They reason that there is nothing to hold them up, after all they can see straight through the water, right to the floor of the pool. There is all this ’empty space’ and nothing to hold on to.

Have you walked across a glass floor? I have asked that question to many people.

  • Answer:  Yes I have tried.
  • Question: How did that feel?
  • Answer: I was terrified!
  • Question: Why was that?
  • Answer: Because I didn’t think it would hold me up!
  • Question: Did logic kick in, meaning that it is designed to take the weight of many people?
  • Answer: Yes, but I could see straight through it!
  • My Answer: Yes, that is the same as the water! You can’t feel the weight, see the weight but it weighs per cubic metre 1 ton

When you get to understand how the water works with your body by taking swimming lessons with me in my private swimming pool on a 1-1 basis you will be surprised how efficient and logical the water is. What I mean by that is this: the water cannot think, it is just there, a tool for you to use, once you have got the right understanding of it.

When you are afraid of the water, the very thing you do not want to do is to ‘get into it’. By that I mean, putting your head into the water and pressing your lungs and head against the density.

You can hold on to the water by means of using your head in the correct position in the water, this is called anchoring your head, this can be achieved by taking swimming lessons in my private pool on a one to one basis. Believe it or not your head is the heaviest thing in the water and keeping it in the right position, the rest of your body is stabilised.

This could be a scary thing for anyone who is fearful of being under the water but after having a course of residential swimming lessons everyone that goes through this programme with me on a 1-1 basis in my private pool is surprised how comfortable they can be in the water by using their head to keep their body in line with their spine.

You may think the water is not stable, but any water that is contained does not change. If you were to stand by an empty pool what would the water being doing? Nothing, and contained water behaves the same way everywhere you go, that you can be sure of, but directly we get into the water it reacts to our movements.

This is the reason why so many people drown who are not used to being in the water, they panic and move their arms and legs furiously to try and get a hold on to something firm in order to push themselves up out of the water in order to breathe. That very movement causes the water to pull them down, instead of trying to relax (no one can when in a panic) they are stiff and unyielding this very action causes a person to feel totally out of control.

As stated in the previous article, you have a powerful float in your lungs and this gives you buoyancy, so if in a relaxed state, the water pushes up the buoyant part of your body and you naturally rise to the surface. It is almost impossible for a person to push themselves down in the water unless they did a surface dive, jumped in or was held down by some one else, they would have to have heavy weights tied on them because the natural buoyancy is very strong and the water always pushes against it. Very much like a ball on top of the water.

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About Irene Bouette

I have my own private swimming pool, teach on a 1-1 basis and also provide residential accommodation for anyone that needs the peace and quiet after their time in the water. I used to be phobic of the water, now I help others to conquer their fear by using step by step logical reasoning to help people to understand the water. I have taught over a 1,000 people by my methods that I have adapted to meet peoples needs. One cap does not fit all people!
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