Adult Swimming Lesson 1 Day Trial For Water Phobia

Adult swimming lesson 1 day trial for Water Phobia.

Adult swimming lesson 1 day trial for water phobia. This does not include treading water. I would like to welcome you to a new feature I am promoting to ensure that you will be comfortable in the water with me. 

To see what you can do and to know that you CAN go on to trust the water to perform other things. Float, glide and be able to your feet back to the floor with no effort. These are the basic techniques you need to do to be completely safe in the water.

I recommend the 4 hours – this means 2 hours in the morning starting at 10am with a break of 1 hour.  Returning at 13.00 and finishing at 3.00pm.

Many people who have come to me for adult swimming lessons expressed their feelings about being very nervous about spending 9/12/15/18/20 hours with me in my private swimming pool. I can understand that because I probably would have felt the same way. When I started to learn how to swim the internet was just more or less in its infancy stages. As a result I went to my local pool and started from there.

Nowadays there are numerous adverts on the internet with all sorts of ways to invite people to learn how to swim. Believe it or not over the world there are MILLIONS of children and adults who cannot swim, the majority of them are frightened of the water.

As mentioned in my other posts I have taught over 1,000 people from all over the UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, China, America, oil rigs.

Anywhere a person can get onto the internet they will find me under

Private 1-1- swimming lessons,

Adult swimming lessons-

Residential 1-1 swimming lessons,

Water phobia.

Everyone is welcome from the deepest water phobia to the triathlete.

About Irene Bouette

I have my own private swimming pool, teach on a 1-1 basis and also provide residential accommodation for anyone that needs the peace and quiet after their time in the water. I used to be phobic of the water, now I help others to conquer their fear by using step by step logical reasoning to help people to understand the water. I have taught over a 1,000 people by my methods that I have adapted to meet peoples needs. One cap does not fit all people!
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