Adult Private 1-1 Intensive Swimming Lessons in the UK

Adult Private 1-1 Intensive Swimming Lessons in the UK

Residential (If Required) Swimming Lessons  


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Please see our Calendar to see if your preferred dates are available.


What to expect from your intensive extended swimming course. For people who can spend more time than 1 or 2 days tuition.  

20 hrs 5 days

18 hrs 4 days

15 hrs 3 day

12 hrs 3 days
prices included


adult-swimming-lessons--1-1 the instructor is in the water with you at all times

adult swimming lessons 1-1 Irene


teaching how the hand stroke works properly without strain

6 reasons why you need to book Swim-Easy for your 1-1 private swimming lessons in controlled conditions with Irene in her own swimming pool with you at all times. 

adult swimming lessons 1-1 the instructor is in the water with you at all times

breast stroke

Book your Intensive Swimming Lessons with swim-easy by phone or email if you are not in the UK.

0800 689 0371   07877605292  for a quick response

Please provide your phone number when you email me so I can inform you of any changes quickly, also it is good to be able to talk to you about any concerns you may have. You are under no obligation.